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The doctors and staff here at Abilene Dental Care want to put your dental concerns to rest.  Dr. Cheryl Corpuz Johnson and Dr. Ryan Max Johnson are dental professionals who have been trained in a number of techniques that will help to make your procedure comfortable and safe. No matter what type of oral care you need, Abilene Dental Care will ensure the level of comfort that you should expect from a top dental clinic.
For years, our general dentists have developed keen eyes and steady hands. Their clinical abilities are second to none. You can expect the best possible care, as our family dentists pair their expertise with an overall commitment to your well-being. Our level of care and attention makes us the perfect choice as your family dentist. We understand the value of taking care of the whole family, from children to grandparents.

Caring, Attentive Family Dentist for Dental Implants, Sedation, Braces & More

It’s not uncommon for patients to feel uncomfortable with the idea of going to the dentist. Abilene Dental Care seeks to calm any concerns you might have. Part of making you comfortable with the dental care process involves empowering you with information about our dentists and the treatments you will receive here at Abilene Dental Care.  We also provide a variety of Sedation Dentistry options from IV to Oral to Nitrous.  Our Dental Office provides Sedation Dentistry options for every comfort level and budget.

Our practice offers everything you need in a dental clinic, from basic checkups to wisdom teeth extraction to clear braces and Invisalign. Our entire staff is available to you throughout the full duration of your experience. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our procedures, symptoms you are concerned about, recovery time, and more. Everyone has questions; that’s a normal part of undergoing dental care.

Family Dentist Abilene, TX
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Abilene, TX

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Made Easy

The removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common surgical procedures performed today and is extremely safe. It is usually carried out while a patient is sedated, either through an IV line or by taking pills orally.

The best time for wisdom teeth to be evaluated is between the ages of 14-20. In this age range, the wisdom teeth have not yet fully developed and are usually still impacted (buried) in bone and tissue. At this younger age, the roots of the wisdom teeth are less likely to be involved with the nerves and sinus and the patient’s ability to heal and recover is much more predictable.

A panoramic x-ray will be taken at your dental office and Dr. Johnson will evaluate whether it is advised and safe to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Having my wisdom teeth extracted was a wonderful experience!

I was so nervous going in there, but Dr. Johnson and staff were so great and made me feel at ease!
- Magen
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